KRISHNAMA - Find your inner Joy


In the 90's, I was  constantly on the road minding the pop- and rockstars of the world. Now I am on the path to helping others find themselves. A job change brought me to Hamburg - the gateway to the world that soon became a kind of gateway to my inner self.
Now 20 years later, I work as a international coach helping others achieve the same. I see a star in every living being and my job is enabling people to identify their dreams and then find their own path to living those dreams.

My offer:
In some ways nothing has changed from the old record label days. I still love creativity and passion. My own path brought me to  the wonder of being alive. I found an all encompassing love for everything that is alive and is created by love.

The healing power of love can be a part of your life too. Let me help you make love a part of your life.

"Life is nothing, but the expression of pure joy. Being human is a dance. Begin to dance and invite everybody else to join the round dance. One day the whole world will dance and everybody will be happy. This day begins when you begin to dance." (Krishna)